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Moringa & More Moringa Tea Latte

Moringa & More

Moringa Tea Latte 216 g
Moringa & More Moringa Tea Latte
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Category: Beverage

Size: 216 g

Pieces per case: 12 pieces per case

CBM per case: 0.05

Shelf Life: 12 months

Origin: Philippines

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March 25, 2020 11:09 AM

Dan Claude Del Rosario

On September 2019, the 1Export Team exhibited in Guangzhou, China for the most international and professional B to B (B2B) food trade fair in South China, Food2China Expo

1Export brought with them various Filipino Products from their Export-Ready Partner Suppliers ranging from Food to Non-food. One of the brands that caught the eyes of visitors is Moringa & More. The brand signifies the endless possibilities of Moringa as a superfood by fortifying meals and even refreshments, one of this being the Moringa Latte. The originality and inventiveness of the brand is what attracted the visitors, and the Numerous Health Benfits is what sold them.

Find out more about Food2China Expo here: https://en.food2chinaexpo.com/

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